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Payment Options


ACH/Pay by Bank

This option allows you to pay by bank each month.  Monthly bills may be drafted from either a checking or savings account.  You may request the withdrawl be made on either the 5th or 15th of the month

Pay by Phone


This option allows you to make a credit card, debit card, or check payment by phone through our secure 24 hour automated payment system.  

First Interstate Bank

First Interstate Bank in any of the Northern Hills will take your payment.  By choosing this option, you need to remeber they are a COLLECTION POINT only.  Your payment is NOT automatically posted, it will take two or three business days for the payment to reach our office.

Automated Credit Card

As with ACH, your credit card will be charged each month automatically.  The charge is done the 10th of each month.

24/7 Account Access

You may access your account from you computer, smart phone, or tablet anytime by registering for Smarthub.

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