Office Staff

Kim Wince, Chief Financial Officer

Laine Mitchell, Director of Marketing and Communications

Lee Ann Gaer, Staff Accountant

Angie Alexander, Administrative Assistant & Customer Services Representative

Heather McCann, Customer Services Representative

Operations Staff

Brett Fosheim, Chief Operations Officer

Bart McLellan, Spearfish Operations Manager

Chuck Even, Sturgis Operations Manager

Craig Douthit, Work Order Clerk

James Gyles, Sturgis Foremen

Jeff Hughes, Newell Foreman

Adam Zvorak, Spearfish Foreman

John Branham, Journeyman Linemen

Jacob Breidenbach, Journeyman Linemen

Mike Davis, Journeyman Linemen

Corey Hines, Journeyman Linemen

Dave Pietz, Journeyman Linemen

Elliot Rayman, Journeyman Linemen

Adam Willuweit, Journeyman Linemen

Kyle Nudd, Apprentice Linemen

Dalton Steiger, Apprentice Linemen